Derek Discanio Steez Brand Our Story

Steez is a premium streetwear and lifestyle brand founded by State Champs frontman, Derek Discanio. Growing up in a small town skateboarding and local punk scene in the capital region of Upstate, New York, the youthful term “Steez” was thrown around constantly as slang, short for 'style with ease.' Little did he know just how far the term would follow him and develop into something much more special.

Years later, Derek attended Purchase College to study graphic design and eventually started State Champs in 2010. After selling out multiple world tours, writing and recording four full length, billboard charting albums, Discanio founded Steez as a creative outlet for his entrepreneurial passions. He is the sole owner of the brand and designs all products himself.

The mission for the brand is all about self expression. Everyone is on their own path at their own pace. Over the course of 15 years, Derek has taken what started as an AOL Instant Messenger and Myspace name, and turned it into a household name, unique brand, and lifestyle. We invite you to “Find Your Steez” and what exactly it means to you. Derek is based in Upstate, New York and can be found online at @dereksteez.

These are the times.